Friday, March 2, 2007

How can I move up in my department?

Q. There are two new positions in my department, a senior staff and a manager position. How can I show to my department director my interest in moving up, or what should I do to improve my vertical mobility. I'm still pretty new (2 months), but I have leadership skill and experience, and I'm knowledgeable in my field. I've made a couple of mistakes from being new to a large company, but -- eh help me out. I would really enjoy my job more if I had more responsibility and worked more with my peers. Any ideas? Have you done something similar?

Additional Details
To be honest when they hired me they were concerned that the position I have now would be a demotion from my previous position -- which it is -- but this a fortune 500 company now, compared to the small company before.
I don't see anyone clamoring to the open positions. I'm more knowledgeable and experienced than people in my department.
Should I dress up? Lately I've been dressing down =)

A. Be sure what it is that you want from "moving up" and how much you're prepare to give for it. "Moving up" often, but not always, requires greater conformity to the conventional wisdom as well as to the dress code. It often means working harder and longer. Unless you are careful, while increasing your visibility you can also loose your identity, except for that of being a person in a hurry to "move up."

Probably the best thing you can do is accept and learn from those mistakes. If you have good leaders around you, they will appreciate that. Take more responsibility for your own actions and be of service to your peers and you will be recognized.

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