Thursday, March 8, 2007

Virtues of a leader?

Q. I'm doing an assignment on leadership and have chosen the following 5 virtues as important good characteristics in a leader. I would like to know why you think these virtues are important and give me your idea of what they mean to you. The virtues are compassion, integrity, courage, responsibility and equality. Tell me what you think.

A. Compassion - acknowledges human imperfection

Integrity - thoughts, words and actions are aligned

Courage - not afraid of not knowing the future

Responsibility - holds self accountable for actions

Equality - treats everyone with compassion

It will be a rare person who has all these virtues. Any person who is striving for such qualities will make a wonderful leader.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps another characteristic to include in this list would be:

The will to give it your all; for the well being of others

Thank you for the article!



Anonymous said...

I have to say, these virtues are the ones a real leader should acquire.

And of course, being able to consult GOD first, is the best thing a leader could ever have.;]