Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do you think human resource dept should be held accountable for how communication is transmitted?

Q. I am doing a project on how efficient are the communication method in the operation organization. I am targeting the human resource department.

. Be careful! "Targeting," reads like you have reached a conclusion before you have explored the facts. Remember the quality of communication in an organization is an aspect of its culture and every function and every leader in an organization contributes to that.

Accountability goes along with power and how it is used. It is improbable that a single function can influence the others in how they manage a behavior that is essential to and common to all functions.

If there is any accountability it is where the buck stops, with the organization's leader. This is the one person who, with some help, has the power to make changes to the culture. His/her style is the one that will be emulated and his/her direction or lack of direction is the one that will be followed. S/he is the steward of the culture.

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