Wednesday, March 14, 2007

If you are the manager of a reputed company how will you plan the various activites in your organization?

The most important thing is to be clear about the purpose of your organization. Because things change, its present name or charter might be an insufficient description of its purpose. You need to verify who are the internal and external customers for its products and services and what their expectations are. (There might be only one customer which is your boss, in which case you have to figure out what he wants.)

It will be your job to decide what your organization as an entity must do to satisfy these expectations, you set boundary conditions. Meanwhile you need the help of the people in your organization to work out the details.

Once everyone in your organization understands their customers' expectations, figure out with them together and individually as needed, how they will meet them - who does what, how much and when and what resources they need from whom. Your job is to help them negotiate and decide, or decide for them if they cannot, what they plan to do and how that will fit into or change the boundary conditions you have set.

Meanwhile, a "reputed company" will probably have an established planning process and the managers of that process are just another of your organization's internal customers. So everything stated above will need to be recorded and approved in some way that satisfies their needs.

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