Thursday, April 5, 2007

What is ment by vision (from an organisation point of view) ?

Leaders who communicate a strong vision of the future provide a unifying force and stimulate the motivations of the members of the organization.

However, there are many who are skeptical of "the vision thing."

It is a major challenge to express something, appealing to positive qualities, that has significant and unique meaning for a large number of people with diverse backgrounds. It is no wonder that there have been many visions described and ignored and many leaders who have given up trying to articulate one.

An effective vision speaks the deepest values of those who share it. If you are in an organization that doesn't have inspirational leadership, you urgently need help. This can come from someone who combines the insight of a poet or sage, the communications skills of an advertising copy writer and the ability to work with the leader(s) to help them articulate their own vision.

When the vision truly expresses a leader's values s/he gives it life with their enthusiasm, and people respond.

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