Sunday, March 11, 2007

Why is change and innovation important to organizations and individuals?

We have the opportunity to learn from our experience of life. Within the knowledge learned, we can endlessly explore new potentials and experience life in new, more rewarding ways.

However, not everyone cares to face the unknown, feeling more secure with the familiar. This is a matter of choice. If there is competition this is a loosing strategy. Even if there is no competition, some still have the will to seize new opportunities.

(Of course we are all more comfortable taking risks in some areas of our lives than in others. Beware, all these ideas are generalizations!)

Individuals and organizations tend to mirror each other in the choices they make and there seem to be three: maintain the status quo, compete for external reward, or strive for inner reward. The first is easy, the second seductive and the third appears to largely be a matter of faith that life has a way of unfolding for us.

In each case, success shows up personally in our characters and the people we attract, and collectively in the culture of the organizations that attract us. I find I can face far greater challenges if I accept change and am innovative, and I can do that best among people that do the same.

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