Thursday, April 12, 2007

What is the one thing you value most in a person?

I am beginning to find that I value most a person's humanity.

This may not be easy to explain.

There are lots of specific qualities I could list that I believe are valuable in a person. However, if I look for a specific quality I tend to:
- Judge the person.
- See what I don't like or would prefer to see in myself.
- Look for perfection and be disappointed.
- Exclude or ignore other attributes.

This is why it is hard for me to choose something too specific.

What I now prefer, is to recognize a person's humanity. I mean the person's accomplishment in being alive and as well as they are, despite the struggles he/she has with him/herself in a complex world, and that despite the mistakes the person made, they continue to do the best they can.

I can find no other single word to describe this.

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