Friday, April 6, 2007

What is transformational leadership?

You can read volumes on this subject but there is one essential aspect that is often misunderstood. Once you have grasped this you will find your project relatively easy.

A transformational leader does not have the objective of transforming others. Except by manipulation that is impossible. Only we can transform ourselves. A transformational leader is effective because s/he is visibly undergoing his/her own transformation.

This person has taken full responsibility for their self. They always own their contribution to the situation - the buck stops with them. They recognize they are imperfect and will make mistakes - this person can forgive him/herself and is free from any burden of guilt or shame. This person accepts the humanity of others, that even when people try their hardest they will also make mistakes - this leader has no interest in blaming or personal judgment. Transformational leaders live in the moment.

Transformational leaders provide such positive examples, they do not have to look for followers or persuade others; followers find them because they can learn from them.

I you are lucky you will have seen some of these characteristics in someone you know. Possibly not all of them at once but enough to know what I mean. If you want your project to be grounded in the real world, identify who these people have been in your life and draw upon your experiences of them or with them.

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