Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Which is the role of creativity for an organization's future?

The role of creativity in an organization's future is paramount. An organization creates its future - no creativity, no future.

At the surface it can sometimes appear that an organization is all about the implementation or execution of existing processes and certainly this is an important priority. However, technology changes, markets change, people change and our values change and unless an organization innovates it will stagnate and die.

Our society comprises people trying live and even thrive and organizations trying to survive and flourish. As we "progress" we creatively change and bring about changes around us. Every change brings with it unanticipated consequences and so issues emerge for individuals organizations, nations and our global society.

The local and global issues we face are the result of creativity and, we continually hope, will be resolved with creativity. This is an interesting, spiraling or snowballing phenomenon and appears to lead to an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

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