Monday, April 23, 2007

Why do you believe mutual respect is important to developing high performing work teams?

Mutual respect means that team members accept each other so, unquestionably, this is important but it might not be the most important for a high performing team. It is unlikely that respect for another is genuine unless one first has respect for oneself. Because respect appears in a team as respect for shared values and conventions of behavior it can be faked quite easily until a person or the team is tested

Self-respect means accepting oneself. Under pressure, self-rejection shows up as anger with others, blame of others and mistrust of others. There can only be limited acceptance of others without self-acceptance. So a high performing team must comprise self-respecting team members. It's possible that not everyone will start that way but a characteristic of excellent teams is that, because of their accepting culture, members can learn self-acceptance and self-respect.

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