Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How Can Spirituality Help in Management?

We know that spirituality helps in any human enterprise and that management is a necessary activity in any human enterprise but they are not the same.

As others have said, management is about doing and spirituality is about being. What has not been said, however, is that leadership is about being. It is about being in such a way that others make a decision to follow.

This way of being has been very closely observed with the publication of many lists of important leadership attributes and many models describing their interaction and even more readers wondering which attributes to adopt and which models to apply.

Personally, the more I evaluate these and reflect on my own experiences the more I am convinced that leadership is about the expression of one's authentic self. (I exclude manipulation disguised as leadership from this consideration.) Because that is about letting go of control, leadership is about being and is therefore a spiritual act.

So, spirituality certainly helps leadership, has nothing to do with management and both are essential in any enterprise.

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