Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why do so many "leaders" show such bad judgement?

Q. Leaders today are being questioned on their judgment more than ever before. Top government officials are being called on the carpet, The President's judgment over Iraq, the Democrat's calls for withdrawal. Industry leaders are being questioned on their decisions a lot more since Enron, MCI, WorldCom, and more have been exposed.

A. Here are a few reasons why "so many 'leaders' show bad judgment:"
1. Very, very few of us walk on water.
2. We enjoy reading and hearing about how the strong have fallen.
3. Judgment is a matter of opinion and there are always plenty of bad opinions.
4. Not all leaders are good managers
5. Getting elected or promoted or hired is not the primary qualification for leadership.

An important question for any of us may be, "How can I learn to make better judgments?" Here are a few ways, in correspondence to those reasons:
1. Humbly accept my limitations.
2. Spend more time learning from my own stories.
3. Seek diverse opinions.
4. Get help, not from ideologues but from good implementers.
5. Ensure my leadership is a sincere expression of my motivations and not others'.

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