Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is your workplace dysfunctional?

Q Is your workplace dysfunctional? If this is true is it because the people who work there are dysfunctional, are the processes used to run the business dysfunctional, or is it some combination of these 2? Or something completely different?

A All workplaces exhibit some degree of dysfunctionality. Neither human beings nor the processes they create are perfect. A healthily functional workplace will act to restore functionality when the cost of dysfunctionality is greater than the cost of restoration.

People who stay working in dysfunctional processes become dysfunctional. Dysfunctional people are likely to accept/create dysfunctional processes. It may be impossible to separate people and process! The place they come together is in leadership. In this case let's call it "self-functionality." An effective leader will not allow his/her time/energy to be wasted or that of people on his/her team.

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